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Venture Creation: Building from Zero to Beach Head


The Venture Creation seminar assists project and venture principals in navigating through the first phase of venture development aimed at establishing a beach head – a working model and a small, but significant presence in the market. A beach head position means there are some paying customers and a viable product.

The process to develop a business idea, or opportunity, into a bankable venture has many components, which if not synergized or used in a holistic, methodical framework can result in slow progress and a waste of critical resources and time. This process also involves many “soft” side issues like key relationships with stakeholders, partners, and team members that are often difficult to navigate, particularly in the seed and startup phases of a venture.

There also is the critical issue of acquiring capital, resources, and partnerships to fuel the venture to implementation and commercialization. This continues to be a major gap in venture development in all stages of a venture’s lifecycle, but particularly for seed, startup, and early growth stage ventures.

This seminar presents a holistic, step-by-step methodology that strengthens principals’ ability to navigate and manage this process while developing and moving the venture, team, business model, and products/services to the next level. It provides the entire venture team a way to move in a coordinated fashion to accelerate the venture’s development. It empowers principals, and their teams, to shape and structure projects/ventures into competitive business models, which when packaged, can attract partners, resources, and capital.


The seminar has 24 sessions, totally 36 hours of content, and is accompanied with over 50 resources and tools. The session topics are:

  1. Understanding the Business Environment
  2. Developing an Entrepreneurial
  3. Developing Entrepreneurial Leadership
  4. Developing Individuals and Teams
  5. Developing the Organization and the Business Model
  6. Generating the Business Model
  7. Developing a Concept Document and Executive Summary
  8. Building the Economic Model
  9. Leveraging Key Stakeholders
  10. Leveraging Networks and Clusters
  11. Leveraging and Developing Value Chains
  12. Leveraging and Developing Ecosystems
  13. Leveraging and Developing Partnerships
  14. Analyzing the Context Surrounding the Venture
  15. Developing Customers and Markets
  16. Recognizing and Developing Viable Solutions (Products and Services)
  17. Working through the Customer and Product Development Processes in Tandem
  18. Formulating Competitive Advantage
  19. Analyzing Competitors & Collaborators
  20. Leveraging and Developing Marketing (Distribution) Channels
  21. Developing Sustainable and Socially Impactful Business Processes and Supply Chains for Product/Service Delivery
  22. Constructing Revenue , Cost, and Financial Management Structures
  23. Refining the Value Proposition and Strategy
  24. Developing, Implementing, and Monitoring a Venture Development Plan (Customer, Product, Organization


If you would like to get a feel for the seminar, you can sign up for the free seminar – Ramping Up to  Venturing: Developing a Lean, Sustainable Business Model. (This free seminar covers the first seven sessions of the Venture Creation seminar)

Also, to get an understanding of where you are in the venture development process and what steps are involved, download our venture development roadmap.

Once you have completed the Venture Creation path, you would move onto Venture Jumpstart
as you continue to mature your venture to the start-up phase.



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