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Understanding Project Preparation: An Introduction to Project Development

This free on-demand webinar series consists of the first four sessions of Developing and Structuring Bankable Projects in Africa. It is offered to anyone interested in  infrastructure and industrial projects in Africa. It uses the energy sector as the focus for the sessions, but the framework is suitable for any project, particularly those seeking project finance and involved in public private partnerships.


Developing projects in sectors like energy, agriculture, manufacturing, and infrastructure is not just a technical task, but involves a full range of elements to develop a sustainable business model. This business model takes into account ownership structure, communities, understanding requirements for funding, capacity, technology, financial models, environmental and market analysis, etc.

Project developers, and their stakeholders, regularly find a heavier burden to bring all the necessary pieces together on small to mid-size projects in Africa. Many project developers find that having the technical capacity and/or connections is not sufficient to develop a bankable project.

This workshop helps build a comprehensive and holistic knowledge set within the project developer community in Africa. It focuses on developing the business model from idea through feasibility. (The follow-up practicum covers from idea through funding with a heavier emphasis on middle to late stage project development.)

The workshop pays special attention to the early stage to middle stage project development process – from idea to feasibility – where a lot of time is wasted and gaps exist. The workshop is designed to assist project stakeholders to accelerate and be more efficient at managing projects. It also prepares project stakeholders for the remaining stages of the project development process.

This workshop is suitable for government agencies, private sector, communities, developers, technical teams, and technical support agencies. The workshop, and other options, is also excellent for building holistic capacity in organizations that develop and/or support projects in Africa.

To access, sign up for our free subscription, Venture Explorer, which also gives you access to other free resources like Ramping Up to Venturing.


The following are the on-demand sessions available:

  1. Introduction and Key Components of Projects
  2. Content and Contextual Factors (Part 1)
  3. Content and Contextual Factors (Part 2)
  4. Project Development Process and Project Definition

These sessions come from our alpha version of the workshop and will not be updated and is shared AS IS. The content is very useful as is and will assist you in pulling together your project. However, if you want access to all resources, finalized versions of webinar sessions, and updates, you will need to sign up for the Project Developer subscription.

You can also check out the schedule for upcoming face-to-face workshops.

Note: The tools and resources mentioned in the sessions are not available with this version. You can sign up for our Project Developer subscription to access all current 22 sessions (not just 13), resources, and tools of Developing and Structuring Bankable Projects in Africa. The resources and content are updated on a quarterly basis.

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