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A Roadmap for Starting Your Venture

Starting up a new venture is a process. Here, at VentureCult, we call that process – Venture Cultivation.

If the truth be told, venturing, or entrepreneurship, is a life-long endeavor with many paths to success. Entrepreneurs need assistance along the way, so we developed a roadmap to support you in navigating through the idea, concept, and seed stages of your venture.


Download the roadmap.

If you are considering, or are ready, to develop a new venture or idea, you can begin with our Ramping Up to Venturing workshop. It is a free, on-demand workshop that will take you from idea through the concept stages. At the end, the outputs you develop, including a business model, concept document, and executive summary, will strengthen your interactions with potential funders, partners, investors, etc.

Ramping Up to Venturing consists of seven sessions, approximately 1.5 hours in length each:

  • Introduction and Business Context
  • Entrepreneurial Organization
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Venture Development: Individuals and Teams
  • Venture Development: Organization and Venture
  • Business Model Generation
  • Documenting Your Business Model: Concept Document and Executive Summary

To get started with Ramping Up to Venturing, go here.

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